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Phurba Garuda
Phurba Garuda

Phurba Garuda 大鹏金翅鸟

The Phurba is a triple-sided Tibetan ritual dagger or stake. It is typically used during ceremonies and in areas of protected space to create stability. Usually, it is staked into the ground before rituals to tether negative energy.

Garuda, in Hindu mythology, is the bird (a kite or an eagle) and the vahana (mount) of the god Vishnu. Ie Rigveda the sun is compared to a bird in its flight across the sky, and an eagle carries the ambrosial soma plant from heaven to earth.  Garuda (Skt. garua; Tib. ཁྱུང་, khyung, Wyl. khyung) – is a mythical bird-like creature that features in both Buddhist and Hindu lore. They also symbolize various elements of the Buddhist path.

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Phurba Garuda 大鹏金翅鸟
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