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Use of Dzi

Genuine dzi is believed to have a living aura. They are one of Tibetan’s most potent amulets. It is believed that wearing of the dzi constantly, can remove hindrance of karma, receive blessings, prevention against stroke, guard against evil, improves vitality and increases wealth.

Both new and antique dzi contain strong cosmic energy from the universe, thus obtaining countless blessings and wisdom, passing it down to the wearer. They are really excellent communicators, filters & recorders! Each must be blessed or cleansed before wearing.


The designs and shapes of dzi broadly include point, line, square, round, triangular, oval, many-sided, seed, irregular, celestial, abstract and symbols formation. These symbols are passed down by ancient records. Some dzi contain very unique symbols and are very difficult to obtain. The different designs represent different meanings and functions it can bring to you.


Dzi can be worn by people from all walks of life, religion, gender, age and it is a revered sacred charm for:-

Protection / Merits, Personal Feng Shui Enhancer, Holistic Healing, Wealth / Luck, Health / Stabilizes blood pressure, Family bliss, Meditation / Spiritual, Love / Compassion, Relaxation / Chakra Balance / Calming factor, Good influence / Benefactors, Mental directions / Achievement of Goals, Aura healing and improvement, Increases the internal ‘qi’.

Holistic Purposes

Nowadays, dzis are used for holistic purposes, mainly for the New Age era, those into spirituality, energy practices, “chi gong”, reiki, practitioners, spiritual gurus, holistic healers, and meditators.


It is how the energy works on the body, how it balances the system and scientifically speaking, its how they stimulate blood vessels, how they work on the chakra points, healing of aura weakness, energy meridians, lymph nodes, bloodstream etc.


Some clients experience a clearer eyesight, burst of energy and internal happiness.