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Dzi Appearance

They may have etched symbols composed of circles, ovals, square, waves (zig zags), stripes, lines, diamonds, circles, squares, waves, and stripes and various other natural symbolic patterns. Colours will mainly range from browns to blacks with the pattern usually being in ivory white. Dzi can appear in different colours, shapes and sizes.

Bodhi / Swastika Dzi

Enlightenment, dispel grief and calamity and cultivate compassion.



Establishes good virtues and eliminates misfortune in your life, gives you a generous and lenient heart. This dzi helps to avoid dangers, develop growth in compassion, wisdom & enlightenment. In Buddhist lore, Prince Siddhartha Gautama was enlightened after meditating under a Bodhi tree some 2548 years ago. He is now popularly known as the Buddha Shakyamuni or the Lord Buddha and recognized as the founder of Buddhism. The Bodhi tree dzi establishes good virtues and eliminates life’s misfortunes.


The Swastika symbol represents Buddha’s light shining from all angles. Represents the Law and all aspects of the law. This dzi assists one in learning how to speak the universal law. Helps protect the owner from the law and legal proceedings. This Dzi can help with assisting the legal proceedings to benefit the owner or to go easier on the owner. If the owner is in tune with this dzi it can help to protect the owner from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. This dzi can assist the owner in ways such as to prevent situations that might require the law or legal assistance. Promotes good fortune, family bliss, longevity, wish fulfilling, good luck, peace and health.


This Dzi has close relations to the roots of Buddhism. It is a symbol of esoteric Buddhism. As such, it was placed over the heart of the Buddha, stamped on the breasts of departed initiates and planted wherever Buddhists have left their mark. It is regarded as the symbol of esoteric Buddhism and the mark of a perfectly evolved being whose soul (or spirit) has entered Nirvana or liberation from the world of matter.


Due to the religious nature of this particular dzi, it is particularly beneficial to an individual whose heart is pure and does not show excess greed through hankering after the material things of life. The Swastika symbol has been used for thousands of years already in almost all human civilizations as a sign for good luck, protection, as a materialization of life and the changing seasons of the year. It is believed that this dzi will bring happiness, wealth and prosperity to its owner.

Constellation Dzi

Symbolizing the inherent power of the Universe, this Dzi possesses mystical power and bestows increase in merit and virtue.



Open the chakra and balances the yin and yang, helps those in bad conditions out and embrace healing. Aligning and using universal atmosphere for meditation, 3 rd eye opening and alternative (holistic) healing. The square represent earth and circle represent heaven. The dot or eye in the centre of it is the source of a warp, a dimensional travel to all riches of the universe.


The significance of this combination is said to bring empowerment to all orders of life, and turn an individual’s potentiality into actual vibrant and useful energy and achieve great things in his life. This dzi can be used to absorb healing for the soul by meditation and relaxation techniques. Eliminate stress and unhappy reality of life which can damage emotions. Human can easily forget oneself facing everyday challenges in this world. The dzi is also used for dividing reality and dreams.

Tai Yan Dzi

Eliminate – anger/hatred/aversion, pride, harmful, gossips, bad-mouthing, doubts and wrong views from people around you. Repel danger and harmful people. Attract important people of higher power, benefactors with capabilities to help in career, success.



Looks like a stick figure of a man with a head at both ends. In Mandarin, Da means ‘Big’, Ren means ‘Man’. This dzi can help people around you to be your benefactors that help bring good things to your life. It will help owner to detect those who have bad intentions by heightening the senses to stay away from them. This dzi is believed to bring supportive and helpful people into its owner’s career, business investors, co-workers, life partners and all those who are near.

Dharma Hat Dzi

Looks like a heart shape that is smashed down, and has a small hook in it. The 6 “magic caps” or otherwise simplified dharma hat motifs on this dzi are symbols of holy protection. As such, this dzi is a spiritual object or talisman. “Dharma” means “Wisdom”.



By practicing Buddha’s teachings we protect our self from suffering and problems. All the problems we experience during daily life originate in ignorance, and the method for eliminating ignorance is to practice Dharma. Practicing Dharma and embracing the Dharma hat is the method for improving the quality of our human life. The quality of life depends not upon external development or material progress, but upon the inner development of peace and happiness which Dharma bestows on us.


For example, in the past many Buddhists lived in poor and underdeveloped countries, but they were able to find pure, lasting happiness by learning dharma. The Dharma Hat dzi is known as a magic instrument that can ward off ghosts and dissolve misadventure. A fabulous protective charm to keep one healthy and safe from any evil spiritual mishaps and harm.

Fook Sau Dzi

Acquisition and growth in prosperity and longevity for the whole family and descendents. Gain good health and auspicious happiness. Blessings for close family knit, auspicious matrimonial wishes, togetherness and good generations.



The word bat means birth. The bat dzi works with all things having to do with birth and beginnings. The bat has excellent radar and sonar and can travel about easily, avoiding running into walls, trees and the like. The Bat dzi will help the owner with sonar and radar assisting with all forms of navigation.


This dzi always strives to keep things new, fresh and beginning mainly auspicious in marriage, having children, family happiness, new businesses, new house and etc. Where some dzi help with endings the bat strives always to begin. It does not like to focus on finishing or ending. For the entrepreneur the bat assists the owner in continuously fresh ideas.


The bat is nocturnal, bringing to the owner nocturnal navigation as well as daytime. The nocturnal navigation assists the dream body as well as the subconscious and unconscious minds in navigating their realms. In Tibet as well as all of China the bat is seen as a very lucky omen. In Chinese Mandarin, a bat is known as ‘Bian(1) Fu(2)’. The Fu(2) in bat sounds like the Fu(2) for prosperity and long life in Mandarin, hence the association of luck. The bat dzi is good for all aspects of the mind, but strongest on the subconscious and unconscious mind. This dzi assists the owner in all forms of navigating. This dzi assists its owner in understanding that newness and beginnings represent change, and that change does not have to be fearful or stressful.

Fortune Wave Dzi

Smooth flowing in of wealth and constant stream of good fortune.



This dzi is a symbol of Wealth, as it brings a constant stream of wealth & good fortune, gives one energy & confidence to overcome all obstacles, and symbolizes will power & strength & acts as a protector. Water is a representation of wealth, and is an association given primarily out of oriental beliefs. Especially in feng shui, the placement of water in a household determinate of the wealth luck of its occupants. Flowing water is viewed as a limitless source of incoming wealth and assets, and are especially auspicious.

Garuda Dzi

Guardian of temples and spiritual places. Powerful protection. Avoid diseases and pains, dispel, sickness, evil and bad luck. Help to avoid all confusion, danger and unwanted happenings. Lead away from disasters and disturbance.



Also called “birds” or “rocs.” Appears as the tops of two arches joined. Looks the way you would paint or draw a seagull in a picture. The script is one of the strongest communication s. This dzi can assist with all forms of communication. It is believed that the birds carry the messages from the owner to the heavens or the universe.


Garudas can be found as a guardian of temples all over Asia and is known to heal sickness and dispel negative thoughts and energies that bring sickness to both the mind and physical body. The Garuda can help to engender great self confidence in the owner with great protection and strength to fight back any negative thoughts and weakness that might cause diseases and sickness in a long run. The function of this dzi is very rare indeed.


This dzi carries a very strong energy that can cause slight numbness during the first few days of wearing it. It also sends out signals of problematic areas in one’s body. If the owner feels numb and tingling on the joints for e.g elbows or knees, do take note of that particular area. The dzi does detect rheumatism, old wounds, joint pain and other serious illnesses. Do visit the chiropractor or a doctor to check on the area.

Heaven & Earth Dzi

Flawlessness, balance and harmony. All things auspicious, pacification of obstacles. Obtain luck and success, reduce stress, divine luck and Yin and Yang balance. Synchronization of heaven and earth, clarity, happiness and comfort, spiritual blessings, balances yin and yang, calmness and satisfaction. Good grounding and meditative properties.



Earth is square. Heaven is circle. This dzi combines the 3 main forces in the Universe: Heaven, Earth & Human into alignment. Captures the energy from Heaven & Earth, converts it into continuous moving energy to achieve one’s goal. It can help you to make your dreams come true, bring balance and harmony. Flawlessness in all areas. It’ll also help to clear any obstacles which may cause harm. Wealth and good health will also be bestowed upon its owner.Businessmen are fond of this dzi as they believe that this will bring them great wealth and prosperity. Easily achieve spiritual blessing and guardian spirits.

Kuan Yin Dzi

Immense Protection, Blessings, Peace, Safety, Kuan Yin Dzi, Kuan Yin represents the power of gentleness, Bodhisattva of peace, harmony, compassion & blessings. Relieve of suffering and loneliness. Brings forth mental tranquillity, strong protection, love righteousness, joy, kindness and ensure safety in travelling on all mode of transports.

Lotus Dzi

Lotus Buds Dzi: Promotes popularity, improves good aura, enhances love and attracts all auspicious signs to the owner.


Obstacles faced by the Owner will be netted by the dzi’s unique pattern and popularity and good interpersonal relationships will be put in place. It prepares the owner for an experience in blossoming in all auspicious direction. This very rare dzi is widely sought for its popularity properties. Lotus buds represent budding enlightenment. Illuminates all forms of negativity so that one sees and identifies it rather than become complacent with the negative. Lotus buds hold the hidden treasure that is just waiting to blossom.




Lotus Flower Dzi: Body and Mind cleansing, well-being, blissfulness, uncontaminated by confusion and purification.


The message of the lotus flower is to remind us that beauty can grow and thrive even in the toughest of conditions. Beauty can be found anywhere and everyone. The lotus flower helps to generate for its owner pure mood and peaceful life. This dzi is popular for its protection from all negative forces & evil and gives one peace. In short, Lotus Dzi purifies mental status, enlightens one’s understanding towards Buddhism, and helps ensure the safety and health of the human body.


One can wish for a pretty appearance and pleasant character with mental tranquility. It is believed that the double lotus dzi will help to promote the purity, calmness and charisma of its owner. It will also energize the relationships of the owner with the people around him and enhances his standing with them. This Dzi bestows attractiveness, calmness and purity. It cleanses the body and mind, and enhances human relationships.


The lotus symbolizes many things, including spirituality, purity, enlightenment, and compassion, which is also known as the purified form of passion. In India, Nepal and Tibet, Lotus is a sacred flower historically known to have appeared from solid grass ground following the footsteps of Buddha when he was born.

Money Hook Dzi

Looks like a figure S. It is believed that the lucky S hook will bring happiness, wealth and prosperity to its owner. It will enhance its owner’s ability to accumulate wealth by crystallizing money-making opportunities for him. More importantly, it also will ensure that the wealth will be retained within his control and not slip away.

Mountain Peak Dzi

Symbolizes courage in face of all things, promotion, benefactors, commitment, to surge forward gallantly..

Ruyi Dzi

Eliminate stress / troubles / unfulfillment / burden / loneliness/ hardship. Bestow spiritual protection / clear mindset / problem solving / physic energy / authority. Bring satisfaction, approachable socially, auspicious, comfortable and happy life.




Also known as the “Buddha Top Knot”, one of the symbols of Buddha. Sometimes this dzi is mistakenly called “Smoke” dzi . In Mandarin, this is called the RuYi , with the word Ru(2) meaning ‘as per your’ and word Yi(4) meaning ‘wish or intention’.


Whenever you see the markings of Ruyi next to the name of a specific dzi, the Ruyi indicates a very sacred . The Ruyi is very special especially for the collector that wishes artifact s with the purest and highest energy in them. Ruyi many times have been proven to work. It is believed that the “As You Wish” dzi has the power to help the family to be closer and stay closer. Can help all family members stay away from accidents, disease or illness. The RuYi dzi will assist the owner to earn more money.


This dzi grants the owners wishes, when they are in accordance with the owners greater good. This dzi has a built in ability to know when a “want” is not in the best interests of the owner. It brings comfort to life of its owner by dispelling hardship, burdens and trouble. The ruyi symbol represents great inner peace to overcome daily stressful situation. Many owners use this dzi to chant prayers in any religious order.

Special Eye Dzi

These dzis have ancient symbols that date back eon years ago. Most appear to have waves or river, peaks or mountains and different shapes of eyes.




Some have the square or rectangle representing earth. Usually, this dzi have amount of eye e.g. 1 eye, 2 eye and etc. that brings together all of the major forces in the human life. Once brought together they can be combined and recombined to create great strengths and callings.


This dzi assists in bringing out and opening latent talents and abilities that lay dormant within the person. Talents and abilities having to do with the earth, sky, sun, and that combination that make up the physical being. This is the only dzi we can’t provide a full explanation as its effect turns out differently for different people. This dzi can give one a measure of protection from negative and radiation energies. Special Eye dzi is not easy to obtain. Each one is unique with its own ability and symbol placement. Unprecedented goodness follows this dzi.

Striped Dzi

Change of luck and rolling in of wealth. For those who are not satisfied with their present condition and needs changes for the better.




There are three classes of s that are often confused for one another. They are the thread dzi, the striped dzi, and the banded dzi. Thread is the smallest marking. Striped dzis have a little larger than thread marking. Banded dzis have large swatches of markings. s can have bands separated by stripes. Thread s are always single marking and not combined with other symbols. Each striped and banded dzi can have one or more markings going across the dzi. Threads are always some form of healer type dzi; Stripes are always some form of wealth or money type dzi; Banded are always comfort, luxury, or lifestyle type of dzi.


Owners of striped dzi have feedback regarding this dzi for being a career and luck changing dzi. Many have found better jobs and smooth flowing of wealth into their life. The dzi have acted as a problem solver on behalf of their owner.

Sun Moon Star Dzi

The Celestial objects of the Sun, Moon and Star possess universal mystic power.




This dzi is seen as the embodiment of the entire universal life force. This dzi assists in teaching the owner how to use and apply the universal life force in his life. Represents impartial, candid, open hearted, doing what is most appropriate, ordained in nature.

Phurba Dzi

Slaying of negative emotions such as anger, subdues evil spirits and negative energies, transforming them into positive forces.




Protector of your goods and possessions. Abolish anger, bad desires, ignorance, jealousy and pride and turn them around into positivity. Used for recitation of prayers to pacify and protect from negativity. To increase concentration and wisdom. Dharma protector.


Represents the Dorje also. The Phurba/Vajra is an implement used by gurus when chanting to destroy all kinds of ignorance & is itself indestructible. Protect the wearer from all harm and to pacify evil. The wearer will face less hindrance in whatever he does & work can proceed smoothly with ease. Owner will be surrounded by positive vibrant energies. Just as each diamond must be found and then faceted to show its hidden beauty, the inner self also lays waiting with its many facets wanting to be discovered and revealed.


The Phurba/Vajra assists in bringing to light all that is beautiful or dormant within the self. It allows the owner to live in a state of beauty and brilliance. The brilliance of the diamond shines on the wearer to illuminate and chase away that which is dark, leaving only light to shine through. The Phurba/Vajra Dzi is known as a magic instrument to keep ghosts from the human body and to improve health & wisdom.


Also referred to as the “Dharma Protector Dzi” or the “Dorje Diamond Dzi”. The dorje is a sacred tool that Tibetans and Buddhists use to help them reach enlightenment. In addition to assisting the owner in their realization of enlightenment the “Dorje Dzi” possesses special powers, immeasurable control and increases concentration.

Tiger Tooth Dzi

Fearless, resolute, confident, mental strength, high protection, removes obstacles to bestow health, luck and wealth. Cleansing of negativity, evil and other disturbances. Improve awareness and go getting. Bring high profile into life and reputation.




This Dzi helps to promote mental strength, cleansing of evil and obstacles and attraction of all auspicious signs for the owner. This dzi is widely sought for its spiritual properties. The tiger’s teeth can be combined with other eye (mostly 3 eye, 6 eye or by itself) to intensify the blessings.


Cultures a firm and persistent will, removes frustrations along the way, and guarantees a healthy life for the owner too. This dzi can assist with follow through and “will-power.” Can help its owner to “stick-to-it” till it’s finished. Assists in focusing on what’s important with concentration, determination, and completion. The tiger teeth dzi is also revered as a spiritual object, capable of keeping away evil things and bodily protection.


Symbol of wealth, brings a constant stream of luck, wealth, health & good fortune, gives one extra energy & confidence to overcome all obstacles, pacify demons, and symbolizes will power & bestows good health. It is believed that the tiger tooth dzi is able to help the owner achieve goals, success and build high reputation and fame. This dzi is known to bring victory in all competition for the owner.

Treasure Vase Dzi

Ensure safety, prevent bad luck, negativity protection and perfects your virtues establishment. Improve quality in life and protection of losses. Helps to roll in wealth and gain. Provide longevity.




This dzi is also called Nectar Bottle or Treasure Form. The dzi is a heart shape symbol with a cross on top of it. Sometime there is no cross and sometime you find another heart shape symbol within the large one outside. This normally represents a lotus or treasure within the vase. To Tibetans, treasure vase is highly revered to as the most precious gift of life. The treasure vase you find on any Tibetan altar is filled with gems, sutras, herbs and many other sacred objects.


The longevity bottle dzi can help the owner to increase abundance and receive high blessings. It is believed that this dzi has the power to eradicate sadness and suffering. The longevity bottle dzi is said to attract luck for its owner, thus, preventing disease, preventing bad luck, ensure safety, to make money and gains. The longevity bottle dzi is always a target for dzi collectors.

Turtle Back Dzi

Prolong life; improve health / healing and avoidance of sickness and disease. Patiences and divine intercessions for good health.




The tortoise is one of the four celestial animals (Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger and Tortoise) in Feng Shui practice. Tortoises are as essential as dragons. It is the greatest sign of longevity, stability, steadiness, good fortune, support and protection. The turtle-back dzi is for cultivating good health, leading to longevity and strengthening determination in work accomplishment.


It renders protection from sickness caused by weakness, spirits & gives bodily protection. It is believed that the turtle back dzi is able to protect the wearer from diseases and famine. Furthermore, the dzi is believed to be able to promote speedy recovery. This talisman will bring curative energies for those who have poor health, are often sick and suffer from long term illness. It would also be best for people who are growing old because this talisman promotes longevity. Besides, this ultimate symbol from the celestial tortoise’s shell would also provide protection against injuries, harm and damages.