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Kunlun Turtle Back Dzi
Kunlun Turtle Back Dzi

Kunlun Turtle Back Dzi

Prolong life; improve health / healing and avoidance of sickness and disease. Patiences and divine intercessions for good health.
RM4,888.00 MYR RM0.00 MYR

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The turtle-back dzi is for cultivating good health, leading to longevity and strengthening determination in work accomplishment. It renders protection from sickness caused by weakness, spirits & gives bodily protection. It is believed that the turtle back dzi is able to protect the wearer from diseases and famine. Furthermore, the dzi is believed to be able to promote speedy recovery. 

Weight 165 g
Dimension 12.6 × 35.9 mm
DZI Family Kunlun
Dzi Functions Longevity
Price Range RM4,000 – RM4,999