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Golden Sheen Ruyi Dzi
Golden Sheen Ruyi Dzi

Golden Sheen Ruyi Dzi

Eliminate stress / troubles / unfulfillment / burden / loneliness/ hardship. Bestow spiritual protection / clear mindset / problem solving / physic energy / authority. Bring satisfaction, approachable socially, auspicious, comfortable and happy life.
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SKU: 193026

This dzi grants the owners wishes, when they are in accordance with the owners greater good. This dzi has a built in ability to know when a “want” is not in the best interests of the owner. It brings comfort to life of its owner by dispelling hardship, burdens and trouble. The ruyi symbol represents great inner peace to overcome daily stressful situation. Many wearers use this dzi to chant prayers in any religious order.

Weight 165 g
Dimension 11.9 × 39.3 mm
DZI Family Golden Sheen
Dzi Functions Smooth Sailing
Price Range RM1,000 – RM1,999