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Golden Sheen Lotus Dzi
Golden Sheen Lotus Dzi

Golden Sheen Lotus Dzi

The message of the lotus flower is to remind us that beauty can grow and thrive even in the toughest of conditions. Lotus dzi helps to generate for its owner pure mood and peaceful life. This dzi is popular for its protection from all negative forces & evil and gives one peace.
RM1,488.00 MYR RM0.00 MYR

SKU: 162476

Obstacles faced by the Owner will be netted by the dzi’s unique pattern and popularity and good interpersonal relationships will be put in place. It prepares the owner for an experience of blossoming in all auspicious directions.

Weight 165 g
Dimension  12.8 × 37.3 mm
DZI Family Golden Sheen
Dzi Functions Love
Price Range RM1,000 - RM1,999