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Golden Sheen Constellation Dzi
Golden Sheen Constellation Dzi

Golden Sheen Constellation Dzi

Helps balance the yin and yang, bring empowerment to all orders of life and keep interpersonal relationships strengthened. This Dzi can help in business and absorb healing for the soul. Symbolizing the inherent mystical power and increase in merit and virtue.
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SKU: 125370

Symbolizing the inherent power of the universe. This Dzi possesses a mystical power & bestows increase in merit & virtue. Open the chakra and balances the yin and yang, helps those in bad conditions out and embrace healing.
Weight 165 g
Dimension 11.6 × 38.9 mm
DZI Family Golden Sheen Dzi
Dzi Functions Protection, Wisdom
Price Range RM1,000 – RM1,999