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Golden Five Eyed Dzi
Golden Five Eyed Dzi

Golden Five Eyed Dzi

The blessings of the Five Directional Wealth Gods bestow prosperity, longevity and success in all endeavours.
RM1,288.00 MYR RM0.00 MYR

SKU: HQW 1034

Five Eyed Dzi is a dzi for wealth and prosperity in all areas of life, spiritual and businesses. Its patterns come in several styles. To Attract Blessings, Success, Career Advancements, Wisdom and All Auspicious signs to the Owner. The 5 eyed regular is considered a magical item and is highly sought after.

Weight 165 g
Dimension 13.1 × 43.1 mm
DZI Family Golden
Dzi Functions Wealth
Price Range RM1,000 – RM1,999