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Antique Brown Six-Eyed Dzi
Antique Brown Six-Eyed Dzi

Antique Brown Six-Eyed Dzi

Liberation from the 6 realms (aggression / losses / carelessness / anger & quarrelsome / suffering / sadness). Help development of the 6 paramitas (joyous effort / ethics / concentration / giving & love / wisdom / determination). Clear bad karma. Good Luck.
RM1,288.00 MYR RM0.00 MYR

SKU: HQW1254

Six Eyed Dzi is the best for working people. This dzi helps to eliminate problems caused by oneself or others in the corporate and office environment. Besides that, the dzi can help its owner to achieve liberation from the 6 realms and develop his 6 paramitas.

Weight 165 g
Dimension 10.5 x 33.1 mm
DZI Family Antique Brown
Dzi Functions Career
Price Range RM1,000 - RM1,999