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Antique Ruyi Dzi
Antique Ruyi Dzi

Antique Ruyi Dzi

Eliminate stress / troubles / unfulfillment / burden / loneliness/ hardship. Bestow spiritual protection / clear mindset / problem solving / physic energy / authority. Bring satisfaction, approachable socially, auspicious, comfortable and happy life.
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Unlike the category of Dzi named after certain areas or monastery, Antique Dzi category is the most general batch of Dzi where it could be found wearing by the Tibetans during festivals all over Tibet regardless of places or areas. It is loved by all Tibetans.

Weight 165 g
Dimension 10.7 × 34.6 mm
DZI Family Antique
Dzi Functions Smooth Sailing
Price Range RM788 – RM999