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Antique Nine Eyed Dzi
Antique Nine Eyed Dzi

Antique Nine Eyed Dzi

Nine-fold Merits on charity done. Highly benefits – compassion / glory / protection / fame / dignity / power / authority / control / reputation. Help in high achievements for businesses, career and stability. Removal of obstacles and bring safety.
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Unlike the category of Dzi named after certain areas or monastery, Antique Dzi category is the most general batch of Dzi where it could be found wearing by the Tibetans during festivals all over Tibet regardless of places or areas.

It is loved by all Tibetans.

Weight 165 g
Dimension 10.9 × 48.1 mm
DZI Family Antique Dzi
Dzi Functions Business
Price Range RM788 – RM999