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Hevajra and Consort
Hevajra and Consort

Hevajra and Consort 欢喜金刚

This Hevajra initiation is especially important for people who wish to practice Vajrayana seriously and for those who wish to develop a deep connection to the Dharma.

In the early 11th century, Drogmi Lotsawa Shākya Yeshe ('brog mi lo ts'a ba sh'akya ye shes) (993-1077 AD) journeyed from Drompa-gyang in Lhatsé to Nepal and India, including Vikramashila, where he received instruction in the Hevajratantra from Śānti-pa (Ratnākaraśānti) and later to Bengal, where he encountered Prajñedraruci (Vīravajra) who instructed him in the "rootless Margapala" (Tib. Lamdré) that is particularly concerned with the Hevajra tantra and its commentaries. Hevajra (Tibetan: ཀྱེའི་རྡོ་རྗེ་ kye'i rdo rje / kye rdo rje; Chinese: 喜金剛 Xǐ jīngāng / 呼金剛 Hū jīngāng;) is one of the main yidams (enlightened beings) in Tantric or Vajrayana Buddhism. Hevajra's consort is Nairātmyā (Tibetan: bdag med ma).

Hevajra is a tantra belonging to the scriptures of Vajrayana, named for its main deity. It belongs to the Anuttara Yoga, the highest class of tantra. Hevajra is one of the so-called Eight Great Heruka deities, along with Hayagriva, Chakrasamvara, and Vajrakilaya.

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Hevajra and Consort 欢喜金刚
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