In 2020, the Chinese Zodiac Forecast will differ accordingly to the changes of Five Elements, the changes of the gods and the good & bad. At present, Malaysia has opened 16 branches, DZI KINGDOM Founder & Master Dato' Lui bring us a year of forecast and DZI guide, hoping everyone can be satisfactory in all aspects, Catastrophic avoidance and prosperous success. For DZI COMBO enquiry, do visit or call our specialist stores for more information.


Be mentally prepared for an unstable year as many inauspicious stars may attack your horoscope. Practice prayer & meditation to stay optimistic to ride through the year. Donate blood or do a blood test. Practice middle way & create auspicious celebrations.

Pros: Duke’s Arrival Sui Jia Star Jiang Xing Authority Star + Display strong leadership abilities + Success in career if persistent

Cons: Jian Feng Mishap Star Fu Shi Indolent Star Clash with Tai Sui Few More Negative Stars Huang Fan Stressful Star - Physical & mental health strongly affected - Cautions with driving accidents - Carelessness in handling machineries - Stress, rejection, moody, depress & poor luck - Difficulty in all areas - Conflict & arguments with love ones & family


Good year to start or diversify business to broaden source of income. Overall all good stars will overcome inauspicious ones. Help others unconditionally and you will receive abundance.

Pros: Tai Yang Success Sun Star Noble Star Tian Yi Star Qing Long Star + Good news, good fortune, new homes, newborn + Be friend with good influencer (male nobleman) + Plans & project are smooth going + Luck, success & recognition star shines + Opportunity for new business venture wealth gain + Relationship & attractiveness luck is good

Cons: Moldy Mei Bad Qi Tian Gong Wealth Loss Yin Sha Offending Star Pan An Changes Star - Self-induced ignorance & pettiness - Prepare for minor wealth loss - Cautious of attitude offensive to others especially female - Many changes that can turn good or bad - Unpleasant words may turn offensive


Poor sleep, heart problems & unhealthy lifestyle will cause negative emotions to hamper your good luck this year. Lots of movements to expand your fortune.

Pros: Sky Horse Star Tian De Benevolence Star + Kindness & goodwill star bring stable emotions + Travelling luck to expand & broaden horizons + Many extra activities & works overseas + Steady in income, wealth & investment

Cons: Ge Jiao Lawsuit Star Mourning Funeral Door Solitary Star - Careful in handling legal matters & document - Extra care for elderly love ones & relatives - Misunderstanding can ruin relationships & marriage - Avoid visits to hospital or funeral - Feeling of loneliness & isolation might strike


Avoid extra-marital affairs & resist temptation that will trouble your relationship or marriage. Stay low profile to avoid friction with others which can cause losses in fortune.

Pros: Moon Star Tai Yin Red Match Maker Star Peach Blossom Star + Benefactress & female mentors for success + Blessed with love & marriage for singles + Expansion in friends & social network + Good year in getting help to kick off bad habits

Cons: Punishment Tai Sui Gou Jiao Hook Spirit Gossip Star Piercing Rope Entanglement - Wealth, health & career luck badly affected - Many obstacles in work & personal life - Unfavourable to all matters even small ones - Gossip, dispute & temper flares expected - Be careful of multiple diseases & stress illness - Monetary dispute might cause you to lose friends & family


Things you wish to do out of the ordinary can be achieve this year. Change in business, career, attitude, fashion, lifestyle and etc. can be achieved. Do not be too proud or arrogant.

Pros: Emperor Seal Elegant Seal San Tai Achievement Star + Great year for those in creative writing field + Good career achievement for working people + Opportunity diversify & change in business + Start new relationship or marriage proposal + Soar new heights for artist, author, inventors & etc.

Cons: Five Ghost Star Guan Fu Lawsuit Star Peeling Head Star - Avoid places or words that bring negative Qi - Suspicion & possessiveness hurt partners & family - Legal disputes from small circumstances become serious - Mentally prepare for financially difficult situation - Do not act as a guarantor this year


Extra attention on upper respiratory & urinary system. Learn tolerance, meditation and holistic wellness to prevent arguments & minor illness that can become serious.

Pros: Monthly Virtue Star of Kindness + Year 2020 will be more stable & positive + Support from benefactor, clear most obstacles + Improvement in finance & other things in life + Find love ones or life partner

Cons: Death Charm Illness Star Xiao Hao Minor Star - Minor loss in reputation & finance - Avoid high risk investment or gambling - Luck with home, relatives & family is lacked - Be aware of health of elderly male member


Create more auspicious celebrations e.g. birthdays, marriage, house-warming, newborn & etc. More attentions given when travelling this year. Positivity & optimism will overcome anything. Stay low profile when needed.

Pros: No Auspicious Star

Cons: Combat Star Sui Po Conflict Tai Sui Barrier Star Da Hao Major Fortune Loss Major losses in fortune & wealth - Emotions & temper will offend others - Full of challenges with instability in all areas - Avoid making risky investments - May suffer lovesick, breakup & disagreement - Physical health & energy at a downturn - Plenty of obstacles, struggle and difficulties - Be careful with people who bring ill-intentions


Handle and see all things from the positive side. When travelling, secure with insurance and good planning. Improvise financial & investment management.

Pros: Nobleman Star  Jade Hall Star Long De Dragon Virtue + Great year for wealth, fortune & good luck + Strong nobleman to increase reputation & status + Good to conceive, pregnant and become new parent + Lucky for those is sales, PR & service line of work + May gain more even with less struggle + Acquire properties & land for long term investment

Cons: Minor Clash Tai Sui Bao Bai Loss Star Tian Ee Dark & Disaster - Encounter some criticism & trouble at work - Do not indulge in dark or negative activities - Minor accidents or loss of possession during travel - Control bad temper & irritation - Less talk & more productive to avoid offending people


This is a year to test your ideas and creativity in handling situations. Perseverance is the key. Make a visit to the dentist, have a blood check or blood donation.

Pros: Imperial Reward Star + Re-emerge with a good new start this year + Encouraging for ideas & entrepreneur + May enjoy promotion & increment luck + Communication & interpersonal skills improve + Good relationship development with subordinate

Cons: White Tiger Star Da Sha Greater Star Flying Chain Star Zhi Bei (Back-stab) - Expect some jealousy, malicious gossips & back-stab - Be careful on who you trust in work & friends circle - Stay alert when driving & playing sports - Avoid offending female counterpart especially superior - Protect your reputation & recognition


Donate blood or get a blood test to neutralize inauspicious star. With all auspicious star shining on you, share & allocate to those who are in need. Charity & merits collection at best this year.

Pros: Four Major Auspicious Stars Eight Seat Achievement Heaven Virtue Fortune Virtue Sky Happiness + May achieve arise in goals & gain power + Soar new heights & accomplishment + Progress in relationship with everyone around you + Enjoy auspicious & blossoming moments + New partnership, marriage proposals & newborns + Salary increment & promotion from past efforts + Create & attend more joyous celebration

Cons: Damage Tai Sui Salty Pool Star Curled Tongue Surgery Star - Setbacks caused by health issues - Dispute & disagreements affect relationship & fortune - Injury involving metal may cause minor disfigurement - Do not speak or get involve in other people’s affair


Extra protection is needed. Wear something that will increase luck. Female with dog horoscope may feel neglected by partner causing relationship to deteriorate. Do charity, pray often and develop a kind heart.

Pros: Resolution Star + A year to learn, self-improvement & personal development

Cons: Instability Star Funeral Guest Star Sky Dog Widow Solitary Star - Avoid attending negative occasion & dark places - Be careful of mood swing that will offend others - Loss of monetary and valuable - Prone to minor accidents, animal & insects attacks - No windfall luck - Avoid changing jobs & important decisions making - 1st half of the year might be difficult but 2nd half will have a better resolution


This year is a little more positive, more stable luck, happier, with better judgement. Rest & rejuvenate when feeling emotionally & physically drained.

Pros: Intelligence Wen Chang + A good year to acquire skills & knowledge + Upgrade education for career & personal development + Clear creative thinking – problem solving

Cons: Death God Star Surpassing Path Star Sickness Charm Star - Health may suffer serious illness - May succumb to stress, depression & insomnia - Losing patient & concentration - Put in more love & attention to elders & their health - Mental negativity will cause agitative problems - Not encourage to borrow money