In the past decade, we have successfully gained an excellent reputation, thanks to our client’s support, we now intend to work with the press to educate the public regarding this mysterious and mythical called ‘DZI’ whose origins are from the ceiling of the world – TIBET.

The audience of Tibetan Dzi is growing wider and wider, purchasing interest is also increasing. Dzi has created a frenzy talk of the town all of a sudden, yet many are still in the midst of what this gemstone is all about. It can be worn by anybody regardless race, age, gender, religion or status and it is a good blessing to own at least one.

Today, we have opened our doors and create workshops to the public to educate them with good knowledge of Dzi(s). Many have requested us to work with the help of the press to provide full comprehensive explanations helping Dzi purchasers detect the best and authentic Dzi in the Himalayan and Malaysia.

The public is invited to our gallery to view and enjoy, not only in collector’s DZI but also on exhibit are some rarest and unique artifacts from the Himalayan, specially brought in by our Director, Dato’ Martin Lui.

A rare collection of Tibetan conch shell, trumpets, phurba, mantra wheels, singing bowls, thangkas and etc, all covered with precious ancient’s and sacred golden paint. This is truly an opportunity NOT to be missed. Dzi – only in the past few years have made its way into the Malaysia market although it is already very well known in Tibet (2000 years ago), Taiwan (10 years ago), China, Singapore, Middle East and many parts of the world including Western Countries. The myths and legends wrapped around this mysterious and miraculous dzi have exploded into many unclear stories. Many Malaysians have come know about Dzi but is still uncertain of what it brings and its origin.

Dzi Introduction

A Dzi is very much revered in Tibet. It is so precious and valuable that Tibetans would rarely want to part with it, as was the case in the old days. Although, Dzi do circulate among the community, for example, they are traditionally used as dowries in the Tibetan culture or passed down as family heirlooms. In ancient times, one could trade a rare dzi for 100 yaks or to raise funds for building a mansion or monastery. Today, as trading plays an important part, authentic and old Dzis are reportedly sold for tens of thousands of dollars or even more! Famous Hollywood stars and popular personalities from Hong Kong and Taiwan (Mel Gibson, Jet Li and etc) have also added the popularity to these legendary Dzi. The Dzi has fascinating and esoteric associations, it is believed to possess the power to bring wealth and good fortune, and it can protect the wearer from illness, injury and evil. This is strange but true as many, even at the present, who are wearing Dzi benefits from its magical powers.


Dzi (pronounced Zee) is a Tibetan word to describe a patterned, usually oblong, round, cylindrical or tubular shape pierced lengthwise called Heaven’s (Tian Zhu) in Chinese. The meaning of the word Tibetan “Dzi” translates to “shine, brightness, clearness, and splendor. It originates from the Himalayan cultural sphere and can command high prices and difficult to come by. They are found primarily in Tibet, but also in neighboring countries like Bhutan, Dharamsala, Nepal, Ladakh, Sikkim and along the Silk Road.

Some believe it is a ‘vessel’ that holds secrets to be revealed sometime in the future, and they have been found inside of many sacred relics, statues and time capsules in the form of ‘Termas’ (hidden teachings to be revealed to the world at a later date by ‘Tertöns’ who are highly accomplished masters of realizations destined to retrieve them). In Tibet, many stories are associated with Dzis. Some believe the motifs have been dropped down from the sky by goddess and bodhisattvas to bestow blessings to those in need. It is believed to have been sent to help everyone and that everyone (nobody is spared) in this world is poor in some area of their life. No one is perfectly rich in everything!

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