Most Antique Tibetan Dzi Outlets in Southeast Asia

DZI KINGDOM has been trading and collecting antique dzi for more than 20 years in Malaysia. Today, we bring you a fascinating explanation and myth about what’s hidden in these most talk about “Dzi” around the world.

Mysteriously, the power (energy) of antique Dzis is the strongest. We have expanded our horizon to being the first and unique collector in Malaysia in 2006. Only the finest and high grade quality is accepted. While the antique and ancient dzi normally comes in its individuality. Our clients will enjoy the different category, one-of-a-kind and rarity of each dzi which comes with certification and identity code number.

Most of our customers know us by ‘word of recommendation’ and heartfelt gratitude of what wonders their dzi/s brought them. They not only consist of people from all walks of life but also practitioners, spiritual gurus, holistic learners, reiki and meditators.

Due to the positive outcome of wearing these mystical dzis, large requests from both local and overseas enquiries and also existing clients who have encouraged us to expand worldwide with more services, we are launching our Online Purchasing / Catalogue.

‘Why we make a difference'

All our dzi holds highest blessing as it is embraced with universal mantras, divine incense everyday and occasional blessings. Majority of our customers know us by word of mouth and gratitude of what wonders their dzi brought them. The positive outcome and feedback of wearing these mystical Dzis have encouraged us to open our specialist shop in Mid Valley Megamall.

Besides the factors of rarity and quality, market price speculation on these short supply treasures has pushed up their valuations over the years. Dzi collector should have the mentality that the Dzi is also an investment, but at the same time it is a treasure that will bring priceless blessing and credit to its owner. It is important to ask for certification (only for antique dzis) upon purchasing.

Our price is kept reasonably low due to our vast resources and goodwill friendship with our Himalayan friends who go very far to get the rarest and best Dzis available. We vow to put all our effort in getting the most unique Dzi in the world in which our clients will not get at any other store.

Relevant History: Etched (Extracted from Etched and dZi by Peter Francis, Jr.)

The “etching” of dzi is a misnomer, because alkalis, not acid is involved in their decoration. They are distinctive and much has been written about them. The two most important works are Etched Carnelian by Horace Beck (1933) and Etched in India by M.G. Dikshit (1949).

10 top reasons to buy from Dzi Kingdom

  1. We have the largest collection of Dzi with 23 Dzi Specialist Store.
  2. Dato’ Martin a professional consultant with over 20 years of experience in collecting Dzi.
  3. High quality Dzi carefully handpicked by Dato’ Martin.
  4. Free consultation on Dzi with Bazi Feng Shui calculation.
  5. Excellent reputation.
  1. Using only Grade A crystals for jewellery with Dzi.
  2. Precious Tibetan Antiques with high artistic value for sale.
  3. Trade in services for Dzi upgrading available.
  4. Genuine Dzi with certificate.
  5. Multiple awards winning company for supreme service its quality.

A Place for DZI Collectors

Our Dzi sanctuary will provide clients and collectors a place to gather and discuss their experiences or knowledge with each other.

Workshops are organized. With tea, meditation area and a warm cozy relaxing ambience provided, personal consultation and recommendation can be given to each individual.

We are not just selling a product but it is the whole knowledge, little wonders, experiences and after-sales service that we are sharing. We also need to explain on how to care for their dzis as this is a lifelong gemstone that they are wearing. It is our obligation to spend quality time with each client helping them to choose the most suitable Dzi.


Specialist Stores

We have a total of 23 Specialist Stores in Malaysia, located in Johor, Melaka, Ipoh, Penang, Klang, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur respectively.

Do visit us and get your personal “Dzi” now.

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